Here are some nice people I met during my path…

Sufi Camp soul mates
Zenith Sufi camp circle
couchsurfing meetings
Couchsurfers international people
College friends Antico Tommy and Albus
College friends
college frends in chiavenna
me and my dear ex girlfriend and my beloved dog Chicco
David Julian at sufi camp
Immanuel at sufi camp
Stella from Germany and Maureen from Zurich at sufi camp
Miriam from Ticino at Sufi camp
Me and my dear college friend Alberto from Italy
me and Jonathan from Gemrany
Brad Pitt special guest
Pavia’s friends
college mates Falco and Antico
one ofi my patients in Berlin Hospital
Summer animation team
college bombers mate
college mates
pavia’s frieinds on the snow
daniele and the italian mountains
a friend’s degree
college mates
Supsi Giacomo and Mario
Psychology classmates and friends Martina and Giada
Me and Max
Niccolò from Florence and Matteo from Chiavenna
college Party
Psychology friends and mates
Florence’s friends Teresa and Nicco
simply me
Supsi nurses Giulia and Flora
Sandra from Amsterdam
a gift received for my degree: “life is a trip, friend are the best companion”
Gsa club Francesca e Beppe
touristic village animation
touristic village people
GSA club
me and Dina, the kids’s Quenn

Here are the photos that cover my bedroom. When you cannot go and reach your friends, you try to put them close to you, thanks to their photos