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Marco Fallini 1987, 33 years old


1) RIGHT AND LEFT ACETABULAR FEMORAL CONFLICT operated badly or too late compared to the onset of symptoms. The conflict creates an injury to the acetabular roof, with damage to the cartilage, and more damage to the acetabular lip, and consequent pain.

2) CENTRAL SENSITIZATION due to the memory of pain in a problem that has become chronic continues to activate and keep excited the nociceptive neurons of the spinal cord and of the sensitive brain area (state of constant hyper alert)

3) Rheumatological problem SPONDILOENTHESO ARTHRITIS of rare origin and which does not respond to classic drugs.


2002 Body chart of the pain in the inital phase of the illness
2021 Body chart of the pain now

-Constant pain in the groins, sacroiliac trochanters and pelvis, sitting, driving, standing, walking and all other activities, the pain increases with increasing activity. Even when lying down, the pain remains.

-Pain also at rest, but increases upon activation of the hip flexors, adductors and in the flexed hip position maintained

Pain in the abdominal and psoas region, increased after bilateral surgery with damage of psoas and nerve

-To endure the pains, I am forced to lie quite a lot, but above all to sleep for about 12 a day, otherwise I cannot manage a day. I had to quit my job as a physiotherapist and psychologist and any job where physical activities are included. I have changed jobs 5 times. Then I also had to leave the jobs sitting. Now I can’t work anymore, I have to conserve energy and endurance to take care of me.

Sports totally limited

Right knee painful to load and flexion

Diarrheal stools, air, burps and cramps and digestive difficulties (intolerance to some foods)

Visual difficulty: worsened, difficult small writings, blurred, fatigued, sore by artificial lights (keratoconus sufficient cause?)

Pantoprazolo 40,g
Anafranil 150 mg
cannabis bedrocan 4drops and bediol 16 drops: 2x die
Pain medicaments interrupted, because with no benefit


FLEX/EXT 120°/30° free but with pain
ABD/ADD pain at the end of the movement
INTERNAL EXTERNAL ROTATION pain at the end of the movement
MAXIMUM PAIN: FABER AND FADIR (flex add and internal rotation) (flex abd and external rotation )

FLEX/EXT 120°/30° free but with pain
ABD/ADD pain at the end of the movement
INTERNAL EXTERNAL ROTATION pain at the end of the movement
MAXIMUM PAIN: FABER AND FADIR (flex add and internal rotation) (flex abd and external rotation )


• very active sportsman: football, skiing, volleyball, swimming, hiking, cycling, high jump, dancing, martial arts.


2002 JUNE, AGED 15: BILATERAL PUBALGIA. Pain in the groin, pelvis, lumbosacral area. months of physiotherapy and exercises, without beneficial effects

Pubalgia continues.

Various attempts to decrease pain: osteopathy, shiatsu, Chinese medicine, craniosacral, chiropractic, acupuncture, postural rehabilitation, mezies method, motor control, sharmann method

2010 OCTOBER: BLUNT TRAUMA OF THE MEDIAL FEMORAL CONDYLE IN THE RIGHT KNEE. rmn highlights edema of the femoral condyle. Load and flexion pain. Symptomatology has never diminished until today.

• All this despite physiotherapy, muscle strengthening in the gym, daily exercises, protein supplements etc.

• 2013 pain desensitization treatment with varied activities with a very gradual approach. Detailed diary of all the activities I did during the day, with the time and progression of the duration and intensity

• 2013-2014: numerous orthopedic visits, and FKT treatments
Numerous osteopathic treatments, without success

Numerous psychotherapeutic, psychosomatic and meditative works aimed at decreasing or transforming pain over the years, family constellations, metamedicine, zazen meditation, dynamic active meditations, mindfullnes, somatic experience, trauma training, autogenic training, CD with guided views, acupuncture, Chinese medicine , regressive hypnosis, eriksonian hypnosis, without success

• Until 2012 the pain in the groins and back decreased thanks to: walks on the plains of at least 1 hour. I swim 2 times a week in a mild way. From 2012 things start to change for the worse.

• 2013 – DIAGNOSIS BILATERAL FEMOROACETABULAR IMPINGEMENT (MRI, X-ray and clinical history): conservative FKT treatment for two years, without results

2015 – SURGERY: BILATERAL HIP ARTHROSCOPY WITH MILLING AND CARTILAGE GRAFTING, WITHOUT ANY BENEFIT. Pain worsens thereafter. During the operation, the surgeon performs a left and right lysis of the ileus psoas tendon, which causes a worsening of symptoms, and a 50% decrease in the volume of the two muscles (detectable by MRI) and cannot be explained.

• 2016 – Constant and limiting pains in groins and right knee. ADL become unmanageable. Unbearable to drive, sit, walk. I need to lie down all the time, without being able to feel no pain.

Various pharmacological attempts to reduce pain, without success. My body doesn’t respond to painkillers. I attach a separate sheet with list of tested drugs.

• 2016: Outpatient visits PAVIA PAIN CENTER: several attempts to infiltrate the upper and lower right hip, pubic symphysis, sacroiliac joint, femoral ileus nerve, without benefits

Cortisone treatment, with morfinosimili, OXYCODONE, 5 10 20 mg, without benefits

• 2017 rheumatological visits and suspicion of possible SERONONEGATIVE RHEUMATOLOGICAL DISEASE SPONDILOENTESO ARTHRITISà attempts to cure with biological drugs: HUMIRA 6 months and COSENTYX 4 months, without any benefit

2017 October: hospitalization for 40 days in a pain center in Bern: mild physical activities, physiotherapy, psychology, social assistance. Treatment attempts with unnecessary opiates (describe me as unresponsive to opioids, like 30% of the population)

2017 ARTRO MRI RIGHT AND LEFT HIP WITH TRACTION: they show that the operations on the hips had been badly done by the surgeon. Injuries to the capsule, psoas, cartilage and bilateral bile aceta lip. They propose corrective surgery on the hips, with hip dislocation, primarily on the left, then on the right.

• Several doctors are against the operation and say that indeed I could get worse by operating.
I refuse surgery on the left hip, for lack of certainty about the possible success and warnings not to perform it.
In the following years the pain slowly worsened

• Regressive hypnosis 10 sessions without effects

• Eriksonian hypnosis 10 sessions without effects

2018 Lugano pain center experience opioids: 35mg hybridumorphin and 12mg palladone, with no effect. They say there is nothing more to do.

• 2018 Several doctors believe they cannot do anything else. Operations too risky to get worse and too young. There are no more drugs to try.  living with them the rest of life. Contact an ongoing psychological support, already in place.

• 2019 I TURN TO EXIT, an association that accompanies patients who cannot be resolved to assisted suicide. I do the visits and evaluations. I am an appropriate case. Suffered enough years with the torture of pain constatly. If there is nothing more to do, I will opt for this, the only way to stop the pain. Being young, they make me wait several months.

 2019 MRI left hip MRI lesions of the capsule, lip, psoas and cartilage are confirmed.

 2019 OTI OXYGEN HYPERBARIC THERAPY RAVENNA 60 SESSIONS (8 WEEKS) at 2.2 atm, aim to reduce chronic pain and regenerate damaged tissues
Pain therapy: 100mcg fentanyl infusion for 10 days, associated with lidocaine and colexodone 200mg. No benefits, if not light and associated with intense side effects. Suspended.


  • Sister with psoriasis, mother with Reynaud
  • Reynaud episode in 2001
  • Keep my elbows under control
  • Recommended capillaroscopy every year, with no obvious results
  • Many tendinitis spread throughout the body and quickly provoked. Hardly solvable.
  • Ana sometimes above norm 100 and something
  • HLA B27 negative test
  • Non-specific ileus inflammation – colonoscopy 04.2016
  • Sore Olecranon inflamed (bursitis) while using Humira.  liquid withdrawal is inflammatory. Cortisone infiltration. Bern says it is a local rather than a systemic process.
  • No response to selective fans and cox 2 and algix, Humira
  • Mesalazine for 6 months inconsistent response. As soon as it stopped, I made compact and little diarrhea

-Sister withPsorasi
-Mother with reynaud.
-Many recurrent and easy tendinitis, very slow to heal. Some do not heal.
-High ANA 100 and something.
-MRI with different tendinitis and bone edemas 08.16.
-Colon with nonspecific inflammation 04.16
-daily diarrhea and cramps
-Inflammation of the link elbow,
-Sacroiliac edema 08.16 rmn not explained
-no blood.
-No HLA-B27.
-Night pain and morning stiffness absent.
-No obvious MRI and RX signs. (Broglia only)
-No specific colon inflammation.
-Local and non-systemic inflammation of the elbow.
-And not necessarily it must give high ves and pcr. It can but it shouldn’t.
-No response to 1-2 cox fans.
-No response to cortisone.
-No respons to mesalazine.
-No benefit TNF Humira 6 months
-No benefit TNF Cosentyx 4 months.
-Reynaud is another family compared to spondyloarthritis.


  • Negative neurological visits (sensitivity and reflexes. No other tests performed)
  • CEREBRAL PET October 2019 which does not show signs of central sensitization (no thalamus anomalies and caudate nuclei)
  • Endless FKT treatments and strengthening and stretching exercises. Thousands of hours of exercises with no results.
  • For the consequences that this chronic pain and functional limitations bring to the level of mood and social life, I am followed psychotherapy and pharmacologically with antidepressants.
  • controlling pain is practically impossible. Stretching exercises, strengthening of the hip muscles, stabilization and centering etc. also did not lead to anything.

INTERNAL MEDICINE PROBLEMS less important and less disabling.

  • 998 – 2002 Headaches and intermittent (chronic) nausea, especially after meals.
  • 2000 Episode of Reynaud’s disease in the hands (swollen and red for several days). 3-4 episodes.
  • 2003 Homeopath advises me to eliminate dairy products and tomatoes from the diet. Headaches and nausea definitely improve. Elimination continues today.
  • 2006 to now: intestinal problems (“contracted” colon and frequent loose stools, diarrhea). Pain and after 5 minutes discharge strong and abundant. Frequent, while paying attention to food.
  • Intolerance to various foods (dairy products, gluten)
  • 2016 reduction in gluten, fruit, vegetables and legumes
  • 2016 gastroscopy signals the principle of gastric erosion and incontinent cardias



  • Paracetamol
  • Paracetamol + codeine
  • NSAID COX 1 (all types of molecules for 4 weeks 3 times a day)
  • NSAID COX 2 Algix
  • Salazopyrin 2000 mg/day for 8 weeks (intestine)
  • Etoricoxib cox 2 selective
  • Tramadol (it took away the discomfort, but not the pain)
  • Targin 5/10 mg
  • Pregabalin – Lyrica
  • Hyaluronic acid infiltration in the joint (knee and right hip)
  • Infiltration of cortisone and anesthetic in joint (3x right, 2x left)
  • Infiltration of cortisene and anesthetic to the sacroiliac joints
  • Deltacortene cortisone 25mg for 6 days.
  • Gaba pentine 1800mg /day for 2 months
  • Paroxetine ( for years)
  • Sertraline ( for years)
  • Duloxetine (3 months)
  • Venlafaxine (3 months)
  • Amisulpride ( 3 months)
  • Clomipramine – anafranil (from August 2016, 150 mg)
  • Amitriptyline
  • Cymbalta 9 months
  • Hemp oil
  • Oxycodone 5 – 10 -20 mg
  • Palexia 50 – 100 mg
  • Mesalazine 6 tablets for 7 months (10.16/05.17)
  • Humira 7 months (10.16 /04.2017)
  • Cosentyx 5 months
  • Brupenorphin 35 mg
  • Palladone 12 mg
  • Fentanyl /100 mcg infusion for 10 days (plus oral, overdose)



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LME  lIberazione memorie emozionale, 3 giorni intensivi

Metamedicina 1              7 giorni intensivi di seminario di gruppo

Metamedicina 2              7 giorni intensivo seminario di gruppo

Metamedicina 3              7 giorni intensivi seminario di gruppo

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